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Why use it?

An overview.

Business cards haven’t changed much, but the way people use contact information has changed forever – everyone in business uses email and the internet.

Your customers probably use email daily, making this the ideal location for your contact details. By subscribing, your business card details reach this ultimate destination, making it easier to do business with you. works as a valuable ‘add-on’ to your existing business cards.

There are several ways customers can access your online contact details. The simplest way is to place the annotation ‘Download from’ on your next business card order (see example below).

Alternatively if you have a website simply add our toolbar to your ‘Contact Us’ page (or any page you like). This increases your website’s exposure and return on investment. The toolbar is free and easily installed in under 10 minutes.

For the first time your telephone-only customers can receive your full ‘business card’. Just tell them your searchable number and direct them to our website or your website (if you’ve installed our free toolbar). In receiving your contact details customers feel empowered and important, and your relationship is off to a good start.

How we help you succeed.

Maximise sales

Your business cards might get lost, discarded, archived or placed with hundreds of others resulting in lost sales. But after downloading your business card, customers can always find you in their familiar email program. And why lose touch with telephone enquirers? They can instantly receive your ‘business card’ over the internet.


Stay in touch

It costs a lot to reach customers, so it makes sense they should always have your current contact details. Your customers can opt to be notified when your details change, and you can update them all with one click. It’s simple and smart.


Impress customers

They’ll appreciate the free time saver. You look innovative and customer focused even if they don’t download your details.


Increase your website traffic

Add our free toolbar and give customers a practical reason to visit your website, increasing exposure to your brand and products. Your website technician can do this in under 30 minutes. Add it to your ‘Contact Us’ page – click here to see an example.


Include sales information

Business cards store the basics, but enables you to describe key products/services, awards, qualifications, compliances and other textual information. (example)


Obtain valuable customer feedback

Start building a database of customers that want to receive news or promotional material from your company. Every company can benefit from using inexpensive email to communicate regularly with customers. When you’re ready to send company news to customers you’ll have a ready audience.

Professional image

Your printed business cards can end up looking unprofessional when customers are forced to scribble your changed details. And those that donít have markings appear suspiciously out of date. Our update feature means your details always present professionally and customers have confidence your details are current.

Business card covered in scribbled notes


More customers get your details

Typically only one person at your customerís business has your printed business card. But subscribing to makes it easy for all their colleagues to have your contact details, either by each downloading your details for free, or being forwarded your Ďbusiness cardí electronically.


Reach customers' desktops

Business communicates using email, making this the ideal location for your contact details. After downloading, your business card will always be at customersí fingertips.


No additional software

Our service works with all mainstream email programs - no additional software or special knowledge is required. doesnít install any program on your computer (as a subscriber) or your customers (people downloading your contact details). It is completely safe and secure to use.


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