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Welcome, first time user

If the business card you’ve received belongs to a subscriber, then they have saved you from a tedious task.

Just follow these steps to quickly get their information into your email address-book.

Search for the subscriber

Enter the ‘searchable’ telephone number from their business card into the search box on the main page. This is usually their mobile or direct line number.

View the search results

This should display the search results page showing the name of person you want. Select this name from the list if more than one name is displayed.

Choose optional features

You can ask to be notified by email if the requested contact information changes in the future. You will not receive any other emails from

Select preferred transfer method

Choose to receive the contact details by download or as an email attachment. The download method is more common, and takes about 5 seconds. Neither method loads any program on to your computer nor changes your settings. The email attachment option may take up to 10 minutes to be delivered, subject to network load.

Open the file

If you opt for the email delivery method then double click the attachment when it arrives. The following applies to the download method as well.

When you see an image like this click OPEN then click OK is a secure source

File Download window

This will then display the contact details in your email address-book

Contact details as they appear in your email program

Save into your email address-book

Click ‘Save and Close’ (or similar) to save the details into your default email address-book. Now you can find and use these details easily.

Please note, if the person’s details were already in your email address-book then delete this listing before requesting their contact information from works with all the major email programs in their default configuration. If you have any difficulties please consult with your network administrator before contacting


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