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Your business card is a lifeline with new customers. If they can’t easily find your contact details your competitors will win instead. As they say in business, everything counts. links your existing printed business cards with an online version. This lets customers instantly download your business card to their email address-book at no cost to them. If you use business cards you simply can’t afford not to subscribe.

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Maximise sales – your business cards might get lost, discarded, archived or placed with hundreds of others resulting in lost sales. But after downloading your business card, customers can always find you in their familiar email program. And why lose touch with telephone enquirers? They can instantly receive your ‘business card’ over the internet.

Stay in touch – it costs a lot to reach customers, so it makes sense they should always have your current contact details. Your customers can opt to be notified when your details change, and you can update them all with one click. It’s simple and smart.

Impress customers – they’ll appreciate the free time saver. You look innovative and customer focused even if they don’t download your details.

Increase your website traffic – add our free toolbar and give customers a practical reason to visit your website, increasing exposure to your brand and products.

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